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Do You Currently Have Enough Traffic, Or Could You Use More?

If you’re like most online entrepreneurs, you could always use more traffic…

 That’s because…

Quality Traffic Is The KEY
To Your Online Success…

One of the best ways to get traffic flowing FAST is with solo ads.
Solo ads are much faster than other traffic methods… 
You don’t have to wait for weeks or months for traffic to ‘kick in’... 
In many cases, solo traffic will start flowing in as little as a few hours from placing your order… 
When you purchase top-quality solo ads, you’ll experience a very high rate of opt-in and even make some sales in many cases... 

Unlike buying Facebook ads or Google, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started...

 Of course, the big key to success with solo ads is to ensure you buy quality solo ads from a reputable vendor.

Hi There, My Name Is Guy Potok…

...and I know what it’s like to struggle to get traffic…

When I started out online, not having enough traffic was the big thing that held me back from getting the results I was after…

...and I tried just about everything from FREE traffic methods to Facebook ads to solo ads…

Unfortunately, most of the traffic methods out there either take forever to get traffic flowing, they’re expensive, or the quality is poor…

That’s when I realized that if I wanted to get top-quality traffic at an affordable price, I needed to do it myself…

Although it took several months of trial and error, I PERFECTED a traffic-getting funnel that generates HOT LEADS and sales…

I’ve become so good at getting quality traffic and leads, I realized that I could help other marketers out there struggling to get traffic…

That’s how my top-quality solo ads service was born…

What Would You Say If I Told You, You Could Increase Your Earnings,

With Hardly Any Effort?

Would you believe me?

Is it too good to be true?

Think again.

I am talking about taking you by the hand and giving YOU access to my traffic source!

The traffic source that makes me reliable money month in, month out.

I could keep all this traffic to myself.

BUT ...

I Want To Give A Fighting Chance To The Little Guy,

The One Struggling To Make Money Online.

I’ve worked hard over many years to build up this source and I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve invested!

It makes me money consistently, and it can for you too!

Generating traffic can be hard and expensive.

It takes years of perfecting funnels, lead magnets at building a huge audience.

But today I'm giving you my best traffic source.

So how much traffic are we talking about?


Affiliate Pro Formula Unlimited Traffic

Powered by: Solo Monkeys is a premier solo ads service that makes it easier than ever to get

fast traffic and hot leads in the biz opp and MMO space.

3 Steps To Traffic And Hot Leads With Solo Monkeys

Step #1

 Choose Your Solo Ad (Get Started With As Little As 100 Clicks)

Step #2

I’ll Personally Review Your Funnel And Start Sending Top-Quality Traffic FAST

Step #3

You Get A Steady Supply Of Quality Traffic And Hot Leads That Are Guaranteed

Real Online Entrepreneurs Like You Getting Big Results…

Why Solo Monkeys Is Better Than Than Other Solo Ad Vendors

We Use A Top-Quality
Funnel To Collect Leads

The funnel we use to collect has been perfected to generate the highest quality leads which means you get top-notch traffic on every order.

Our Traffic Isn’t Oversold

We’re always adding fresh leads to our list, so you can be sure the traffic you’re getting will convert at the highest price possible.

Affordable Prices

We have multiple plans available, and you can get started for as little as $.50 per click for tier-1 traffic.

Highly-Targeted MMO And Biz-Opp Leads

Solo Monkeys solo ads are PERFECT for biz opp, MMO, and ‘make money’ affiliate offers.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

We guarantee your results… If for some crazy reason you don’t get at least a 30% opt-in rate on any solo ad order, we’ll over-deliver by at least 20% on your next order at no additional charge.

Look What People Are Saying About Solo Monkeys

Marvin Adam, Germany

Six Figure-Marketer & Lead Generation Specialist

"You're going to be impressed with your results!"- Marvin Adam

Oliver Bulcke, Belgium

Full Time Online Marketer

"Strongly Recommend!"- Oliver Bulcke

Bruce Cader, USA

Online Marketer

"Top Quality, This is the Guy you wanna use"- Bruce Cader

Tim Sine, USA

Affiliate Marketing Expert

"If you want good results than go with him"- Tim Sine

Nicholas Lal, USA

MLM Coach & Bizopp Expert

"When you show fate in him he will take care of you" - Nicholas Lal

James K Dudley, USA

911 Online Income Owner

"Amazing customer service, no matter where in the world you are, Guy is There for you!" - James K Dudley

Aidan Corkery, Ireland

VIP Bot Affiliate Club Owner

"His traffic is top notch so don't hesitate cause you will be looked after" - Aidan Corkery

Noy Shani, New Zealand

CPA Marketing Expert

"Made $244 commissions from 500 clicks, Picked up the DFY swipes package and earned Extra $98 just from that" - Noy Shani

Pallab Ghosal, India

WarriorPlus Product Vendor & Top Affiliate

"I have personally recommended your traffic services as one of the best in the industry" - Pallab Ghosal

Siri Anderson Nutting, USA

Affiliate Marketing & Motivation Coach

"Made profit from 300 clicks order came back for more to make more sales" - Siri Anderson Nutting

Dan Khan, Singapore

Top WarriorPlus Affiliate & Vendor

"I spent $880 and got back almost $1,700 - That's almost 2X ROI!!!" - Dan Khan

With Solo Ads From Solo Monkeys, You Can Expect High Opt-In Rates…

Many Of Our Clients Get Sales From Our Solo Ads

$11,082.42 Banked From Our Solo Ads In Just 7 Days

Schedule Your Solo Ad Now

(Most Campaigns Start Within 24 Hours Or Less)

100% Tier 1 Countries Traffic Guaranteed!

1 Time Packages

Weekly Packages

DFY Traffic 2,000

DFY Traffic 2,000 Per Week

DFY Traffic 1,500

DFY Traffic 1,500 Per Week

DFY Traffic 1,000

DFY Traffic 1,000 Per Week

DFY Traffic 750

DFY Traffic 750 Per Week

DFY Traffic 500

DFY Traffic 500 Per Week

DFY Traffic 300

DFY Traffic 300 Per Week

DFY Traffic 200

DFY Traffic 200 Per Week

DFY Traffic 100

DFY Traffic 100 Per Week

*NOTE: There are no refunds once traffic has started but you can cancel your subscription at anytime*

Special Bonus When You Order Your Clicks Today

All orders will get an automatic over-delivery of 10% more clicks… 

That means if you order 100 clicks, we’ll send you AT LEAST 110 clicks…

...and if you order 1,000, you’ll get AT LEAST 1,100 clicks.

We’re doing this because our #1 goal at Solo Monkeys is to over-deliver and keep you coming back for more!

Your Results Are 100% Guaranteed

If you don’t get at least a 30% opt-in rate from your solo ad, we’ll over-deliver by at least 20% on your next order.

Why You Need To Jump On This Right Now

The sooner you place your order, the sooner you can get the traffic you need to make money

Right now, all of our packages are discounted, but the prices will be going up soon

You have nothing to lose with our satisfaction guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions About Solo Monkeys

Q. What is Solo Monkeys?

A. Solo Monkeys is a premier solo ads service created by an online entrepreneur for other online entrepreneurs looking for top-quality traffic.

Q. Who should get a solo ad from Solo Monkeys?

A. If you're currently looking for affordable traffic that converts in the MMO, biz-opp, or ‘make money’ niches, then you need to schedule your solo ad with Solo Monkeys now.

Q. Why are the solo ads offered by Solo Monkeys better than other vendors?

We have tons of solid feedback from real marketers just like you that are getting big results

We guarantee a 30% opt-in rate on your solo ad

Many of our solo ads result in opt-ins AND sales

Our prices are highly discounted

All orders are over-delivered by at least 10% at no additional charge

Your funnel will be personally reviewed before we send traffic to ensure the highest conversion rate possible

Q. How long until my traffic starts?

A. Most orders start within 24 hours or less.

Q. Do you guarantee my results?

A. Yes, we guarantee AT LEAST a 30% opt-in rate, although many clients get a much higher rate than that.

Q. Are there any bonuses if I place an order right now?

A. Yes… Your funnel will be personally reviewed before we send traffic to ensure the highest conversion rate possible.

Q. How do I order my solo ad traffic?

After purchasing your desired package, make sure to visit the Delivery page via WarriorPlus and fill out the form. 

We will get back to you within 24 hours and will let you know when your slot is going to be scheduled. (In case you require this information before booking a package, please reach out to us on Facebook, and simply ask about our current schedule.)

Any Questions? Contact Us By Email!

All services are non-refundable once the service starts. You must make use of your order within 90 days from making the payment. If you do not, you will not be eligible to receive your order. Most orders start in 24 hours or less, depending on availability. Every effort has been made to accurately represent our service and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. What we are saying is you should assume that those results are not typical. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will make sales.*

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Do You REALLY WANT To Pass Up On My Traffic?




Do You REALLY WANT To Pass Up On My Traffic?